Update 6 June 2010: See all the Representations on Core Strategy

6 June 2010
In addition to Ron’s Representation (see 16 May below), we had some other Representations sent into Havant Council, including 2 relating to Brockhampton West.

From Richard Jones, see here : 
 Richard Jones 16 May dh1 Representation re core strategy 2010

Plus one from me (Dave Hindley) see here :
   Dave Hindley Representation 17May10 website2

plus additions from Ron Tate and Patrick Ground  relating to Brockhampton West , see here :
Ron Tate re Brockhampton West 17 May 10
and here :
08.0094 Mr P Ground Brockhampton West dh1 

16 May 2010
Ron Tate has sent in an excellent and detailed set of representations to the Inspector (via Havant Council). These can be viewed here :Havant Borough Local Development Framework 1dh1 


Background Information
At the meeting in “The Elms” on 7th May (attended by 75 people), we agreed that Ron Tate (who lives in Lodge Road) would submit a set of representations on our behalf objecting to Havant Council “Core Strategy” document.
Havant Council have already submitted this document to the government Inspector. The Inspector’s duty is to impartially assess the document and review carefully any objections ie “representations” to it.
Havant Council’s own website : Home > Planning and Environment > Planning > Planning Policy > Local Development Framework > Havant Borough Core Strategy > Pre-Submission Core Strategy  explains this process.  
The Inspector can do one of the following :

–          accept the document “as is”
–          amend the document and accept it with the Inspector’s own amendments
–          reject the document

Our objective is either to have the document rejected or accepted with amendments which include those written by Ron.
Ron is an experienced Town Planner and we are very fortunate in having him available to help us. As you can see from the attached set of representations that he has submitted, objections have to be phrased in a very technical manner. He has submitted what I regard as a very impressive and very detailed piece of work that I’m sure the Inspector will have to take careful note of.
I’m sure we all want to thank Ron for the considerable amount of time and effort that he has put in to do this on behalf of us all.
The deadline for submissions is tomorrow, 17 May in case anyone wishes to make a representation also.  As Ron explained at the meeting, for this particular step in the process, the number of people who make a representation is not relevant in the Inspector’s eyes. What matters is what is put in the representation – which the Inspector has a duty to consider. I consider Ron has done an excellent job for us in this regard.

The document can be viewed by clicking on the link at the top of this page. :  www.saveoldbedhampton.co.uk . I’m still building this site but please take a look round.

This note has also been sent by email to around 50 people I have details for. Please forward on to anyone you think may be interested. I would be pleased to add more people to the email list. As I don’t have details on who is happy to have their email visible to others and who prefers it to remain private, the email has gone out on “blind copy” which preserves everyone’s privacy. If we want to build a community of shared email addresses, I can do this as well. Let me know if you are willing to have your email address visible to others.

 Best Regards

 Dave Hindley 

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